urban wild
urban wild by bigstyle featuring vintage jewelry

Balmain graphic shirt
$495 – barneys.com

Rick Owens biker jacket
$1,275 – kirnazabete.com

Levi Strauss & Co jeans
$90 – generalpants.com.au

Giuseppe Zanotti platform pumps
$695 – couture.zappos.com

Proenza Schouler suede tote
$2,804 – boutique1.com

Gold jewelry
$1,650 – tiffany.com

Bangle bracelet
$3,800 – tiffany.com

Vintage jewelry
$1,850 – tiffany.com

Engraved jewelry
$300 – tiffany.com

$153 – theoutnet.com

$153 – theoutnet.com

Weathered Wood Spheres | west elm
$19 – westelm.com

I LOVE mixing and matching with scarves. This scarf has a funky safari feel but I wanted to stretch the imagination on it and think Moto chic. The possibilities are far beyond that. The scarf would be great for a cocktail dress or a suit for work. The scarf can be found on Outnet.com all information is found below and as usual you can click the pictures below and it will take you to the item. Happy hunting.

McQ scarf: multicolored sheer modal and silk-blend, abstract zebra print, hot-pink border. 85% modal, 15% silk. Hand wash.


illustration | Garance Doré - Page 2


Ladies and maybe a guy or five, I have missed you!! Long time no write and connection. I have kept in contact via phone and email with a few but it is simply not the same as reaching a larger group of women looking to brush up on everything style. Due to the crazy Fall season and then of course the holiday season my time has been less and less as the days go by. I look at my computer longingly as I pass by it on my way out the door to meet a client. Golden problems to have, I know. I can say the ladies look divine and feel amazing and I have managed to keep most of my sanity. Yet still the blog has been left to perish. After a strange interaction yesterday it left me completely inspired to put fingers to keyboard and make at the very least an hour a day to check in a write to all of you. In other words, I am back now with everything from cut to fabric to hair and nails. Lets talk about up and coming online sales and how to look YOUR best at the Opera. I have missed you all and I am ready to dive in. Please feel free to email me with your questions and styling concerns I will do my best to discuss them on my blog in a timely manner. Merry New Year, lets start it with a true bang.

OPI | Swatch And Learn

OPI | Swatch And Learn (clipped to polyvore.com)


Los Angeles is 95 degrees today,ouch! I get to pull out a summer dress and parade around. This is one of my favorites during the winter / fall months will all the warmer colors. The roomy bottom makes it really comfy. I get loads of compliments every time I wear it.


I die! I have been stalking this bodysuit for about a month now. The bangles are just as hot.

When I gave up my simple maxi skirts ten years ago after my first baby I thought that would be the end of my maxi skirt days. Little did I know that it was just the start of a wider and look into “the skirt”. The maxi skirt has popped up all summer however I think it is a brilliant Autumn and Winter piece as well. A maxi with a fitted sweater or a silk top can be an amazing fit for an evening out this coming winter. This California fresh red carpet look is among my favorites for the maxi trend. I like the simple pairing on Mary Kate. If you feel the look is lacking you can add a wide belt however, I love the simplicity of this style.

Here in Los Angeles, Summer never sleeps. I am a fan of this skirt Rachel Bilson is in. The color palette is a perfect three-way transition from Summer, Fall and Winter. I would love to see a pair of tan heeled boots with this skirt.

asos easy chic maxi
asos easy chic maxi by bigstyle featuring gold rings

I paired up a simple Asos pleated skirt in a few darker Winter shades for an evening look. Maxi skirts can be tricky when it comes to height or the illusion of height. Skirts like maxi’s can elongate your body and lean out your frame if picked correctly and paired with the right accessories. Pleat’s for instance are harder to work with but they have great movement and can hug your curves perfectly if you pick the pleat properly! First, pick a strong fold not a soft billowing fold. Second, a medium-sized pleat (about 1″ thick) is the best as the large will not lay on you curves properly and the smaller size will stick out all over the place. I like pairing pleat’s with slightly longer fitted shirts and heels, I think both things slim the body.

Bright Maxi
Bright Maxi by bigstyle featuring hair clip accessories

I love bright jewel tones year round with things like a crisp white shirt. This look is classic with a subtle twist.

Mara Hoffman Maxi look
Mara Hoffman Maxi look by bigstyle featuring a studded satchel

Mara Hoffman!! My favorite skirt by far. I had to add it just because I love it so! I hope to grab this one for myself. It is always easy to grab the simple black skirt but this one is so much fun and full of possibilities!

Okay, I was one of the lucky few that got my hands on a few pieces from the Missoni for Target collaboration. I did not go, I was lucky enough to have a good friend get up at the crack of dawn and brave the fist fighting (seriously) women that follow you through the store waiting for you to put things down. Her and my husband surprised me with a few key pieces for my birthday. Now I was happy none the less to sit this one out and call it a day and with the hope that I would score a piece or two on Ebay in a few months when the prices calmed down a bit.

I as usual was cruising the local shopping sites and came upon not one but two pairs of Missoni for Target Wellies for a whopping $31,000 and the second pair for $15,000. This nearly made my little fashion head explode. I get the catch,a mom is desperately trying to fund her daughters college education and in exchange you get a pair of boots and you are doing a good deed for the cost of 31k.

Missoni boots

Missoni boots (see more low heel boots)
The second listing is for two sisters trying to replace a shag rug that belongs to their mom, then a spa day for each of them. The listing underneath the main topic says “What the Hell?” , I have to give it to them I was impressed for the b*lls they have on them. I hope they all get what they want. They are all big dreamers. I was surprised when I saw some sellers asking $300 for a pair of the boots and $1000 for the bikes. I love that Missoni did the line with Target but lets a little perspective. All high-end fashion houses put out a collection a few times a year. So we can consider all collections limited. A pair of Missoni rain boots go for about $300 not on sale like the one pair in the picture above. While I love the idea they have and the other Ebay seller’s moxie, I would rather hit or miss at the actual sale or buy the real deal from Missoni!

Gap Twill Jacket
Gap Twill Jacket by bigstyle featuring summer bags

In honor of the first day of Autumn I am think a transitional piece is in order today!

Long sleeves, notched collar, two-button front, angled welt chest pocket. Besom pockets with flap closures, vent along rear hem. Slim fit and hits at the hips.

Sizes 0 – 20

Price $110.00 – $79.99

The link: http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=854929002&tid=goaff2687457&ap=2&siteID=goafcid150

The time is fast approaching as it does every year when people line up at the glass doors of H&M going as far as around the block at 4:00 am with stadium chairs rain or shine. Some of the fashion crazed starry-eyed women are ready to claw out the eyes and shove the girl in front of her for a small piece of the limited H&M collection. In years past we have seen the likes of Jimmy Choo, Lanvin, Roberto Cavalli, Comme Des Garcons, Karl Lagerfeld  and Stella McCartney. This year we are going to see the super lux Versace collaborate with the fashion forward H&M. Let the website stalking and the in store cat fights begin. I go to most of the limited edition collaboration sales and H&M is always the most cut throat and crazy.

Year after year the clothing is impeccable and they offer something for everyone. Last year, Lavin had a versatile collection and a full accessories line to finish the looks. The Versace line, I am sure will be just as exceptional. The color palette, patterns and textures are an insane mix and match. From the limited amount of pictures released it looks very structured with some Asian influences. My love  and hate about this line is the strong nearly identical look to the 2010 resort collection dress. Is this line going to be repeats for previous lines Versace has put out over the last few years or is this dress a fluke? Missoni for Target had a few pieces that had the signature Missoni pattern everyone loves which is why we all flocked to the stores that faithful morning, however it was not a total nod to their patterns.

The pants in the picture of completely sexy. The dress pairing and pant is a bit one note being that they are matching. I am dying to know if the chunky gold cuff, bracelet are apart of the collection. The earrings are also lovely. I am wondering how heavy they are, they might look good but hang to heavy to wear.

The black dress has perfect structure. I would like this as a nice little black dress. I like that they are using the signature Versace detail pattern along the bottom and trim of the separates.

This is the dress that I like the most. The pattern on the front and the cut will be flattering on a curvy women.

This is a fabulous example of the pattern and color mixing we are going to see. The picture makes me giddy!

Marni Cuff
Marni Cuff by bigstyle featuring logos jewelry

I surfed the web for a while this morning looking at the bling and today felt like a jewelry day. On my trip to Italy I went to the ever-loving outlets and saw a chunky Burberry bracelet from last season. I lost my mind and did not buy it. I of course have thought about the lovely little item ever since then. The color was to die for. This Marni bracelet has the same deep rich tone that you can lose yourself in. This bracelet is lighter weight, which I like. The bracelet has a ton versatility which adds to the appeal. You can use this piece with your jeans, maxi skirt, or you little black dress. You can find this one on sale at OUTNET.com.

  • price = $290.00 – $101.50

The link = http://www.theoutnet.com/product/218145?fromPid=218146&smId=4e73974bb4f5b0e4594ea5fb

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